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Jagmeet Singh's Video Message Tells Canadians To Vote With Their Hearts (VIDEO)

Even as Canadians make their way to their dedicated polling stations, the candidates are still doing their best to put their messages out there. That includes NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, whose video message posted on Facebook on Election Day urges voters to vote for what they believe in, rather than voting out of fear.

The video finds Singh just outside of his campaign office in Burnaby, British Columbia, addressing the viewer with a smile on his face. He opens up by reminding everyone that today is the final day to vote, before moving on to talk about how he believes voters should cast their ballots.

"I want to thank you all for all the love and support, being a part of this incredible journey, it's been amazing because we've made this journey about people," Singh says. "It's been about Canadians, it's been about families, working-class people, middle-class people, it's been about small businesses, it's been about people that have been for too long neglected and ignored, who have been taken for granted."

"I want you to know, you can do better," Singh continues. "You do not have to settle for less."

Singh then moves on to what he believes Conservatives and Liberals will be telling their supporters on this final day of voting. 

"You're going to hear on this last day of voting from Conservatives that you can only vote for them, and Liberals saying that you've got to vote out of fear," Singh says.

"Both of them are fighting about who is worse for Canada," Singh continues. "I want you to think about who would be best for Canada."

Singh then urges people watching his video to not vote out of fear, asking, "How many times in your life have you chosen to do something out of fear, and it's changed your life in a dramatic way?"

"Or how many times have you taken a chance on something you believe in, and it's made your life better?"

Singh then says that that is exactly what he wants Canadians to do on voting day.

"Vote for something, vote because you believe in something, vote with your heart," Singh says.

This is not the first time that Jagmeet Singh has used videos online to talk to people, as he has previously been using TikTok to make short campaign videos.

He also shared a recipe for his own Punjabi poutine on Twitter on Thanksgiving weekend.

Voting is taking place across the country today. If you're not registered, you can get registered at your polling place when you go to cast your vote. 

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