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Jagmeet Singh's Wife Celebrated Her "Lockdown Birthday" In Style

She still got all dressed up.
Jagmeet Singh's Wife Celebrated Her "Lockdown Birthday" In Style

Anyone celebrating a birthday during this time probably isn't going to have the most fun. Still, some people like Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur are making the most of it. She and her husband posted about their own personal celebration on Instagram.

In an April 6 post, Kaur shared two photos of herself in a sleek pink dress. She appears to be standing outside on a deck.

"Year after year, I have always looked forward to celebrating my birthday with loved ones," her caption reads, "this year I had many ideas of how I would celebrate a milestone birthday."

Kaur noted that with everything going on in the world, that this year's birthday would be a time for reflection.

"More than ever i am grateful, but also worrying about everyone struggling right now and wishing we all get through this together," she wrote.

She concluded her message with "ps. dont let social media tell you, you can't wear the same dress as many times as you want 🌼."

Jagmeet Singh also posted his own Instagram picture for Gurkiran's birthday.

The image shows the happy couple surrounded by flowers and birthday decorations, with the caption, "Happy lockdown birthday, darling ❤️."

Singh's turban, in classic fashion, matches the bright pink decor.

Kaur has remained active in posting on Instagram, even though she, like everyone else, is spending her time staying home.

In an April 4 post, she wrote "saturday night - like all other nights for now - staying at home ✌."

Singh previously talked about how awesome his wife is, along with other women, on an Instagram post for International Women's Day.

Kaur and Singh may not get to go out to any fancy events like the NDP holiday party (where Kaur was also rocking a pretty amazing outfit), but they still seem to be having fun and enjoying each other's company while they stay at home.

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