Jagmeet Singh's Wife Gurkiran Kaur Dressed Up As Wonder Woman & Her Costume Is FIRE (PHOTO)

Major warrior woman vibes!
Jagmeet Singh's Wife Gurkiran Kaur Dressed Up As Wonder Woman On Halloween

Halloween is a time for everyone — celebrities, politicians, and regular people alike — to let our hair down and have some fun. The costumes we choose to wear can show even more of our personalities and interests. On October 31, Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur took to Instagram to post a picture of herself in costume as Wonder Woman.

In the picture, Kaur, who is a fashion designer, appears to have followed the classic Wonder Woman look from the comic books. She's wearing a bright red top while her hair has been curled and flows over her shoulders.

Her animated-style makeup reminds us of the comic books. Not only has Wonder Woman's classic headband been painted on her forehead, but she's also rocking some hand-drawn lines on her face that makes it look like she's a comic book character.

Kaur is also power posing just like Wonder Woman's most recognizable power stance. Her fists are curled up and resting on her hips. The expression on her face also reminds us of Wonder Woman's no-nonsense look when she's staring down a foe before going into battle. 

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 -- this one is for the ~warrior~ in all of us," Kaur captioned the post.

So far, most of the responses have been positive, with people showing their love for Kaur and complimenting her Halloween look.

"You’re a real life wonder woman ❤️," said @mikki_11 on the post.

"Very fitting ❤️," @rhiannamacleod wrote.

This kind of content on Kaur's Instagram can be expected from someone who is married to Jagmeet Singh, the NDP leader who took social media by storm during the election. Even though Singh didn't become the Prime Minister of Canada, he garnered a lot of attention with his social media presence.

Some of Singh's most memorable moments include the time he shared his Punjabi poutine recipe on Twitter, or when he got a TikTok account just a few days before Canadians went out to vote.

Their relationship also received a lot of attention. It turns out that Jagmeet Singh may have been a prime minister candidate by day, but an Instagram husband by night. It turns out that Singh actually snapped tons of photos for his wife's IG feed. 

As we already know, Gurkiran is a known fashion designer, which means she takes clothing seriously. Narcity found out that Singh's wife actually picks out the colours of Singh's turbans so their outfits match. Talk about romantic!

Of course, it's not all fun and games on Kaur's and Singh's respective social media profiles, but it's always nice to see politicians and their loved ones participating in Halloween celebrations.

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