Jagmeet Singh's Wife Gurkiran Kaur Gave A Sweet Shoutout To Her Sister At Blue Mountain

She also got "suspension bridge vibez".
Jagmeet Singh's Wife Gurkiran Kaur Showed Her Sister Some Love At Blue Mountain

When it comes to skiing in Ontario, Blue Mountain is the place to be. Of course, when there's not enough snow, there's still plenty to explore and do at the popular destination. Recently, Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur took an excursion to The Blue Mountains and shared some of the best moments on her Instagram story.

It all starts with getting loaded into the car, and Kaur is riding shotgun. "Ready for the day !!!" reads her caption. She also throws up a peace sign to the camera with a big smile. Her two companions are also flashing big grins.

It's the second photo in the story where we get to see Kaur chilling with Singh and Taranvir Dhaliwal, hanging out on one of Blue Mountain's many suspension bridges. Kaur shared the photo from Dhaliwal's own Instagram story, and added the caption "Suspension bridge vibez."

Kaur also used the story to send a very nice and heartfelt birthday wish to her sister, posting the message over four images. "Happy birthday my beautiful sister," the message read over images of the two siblings together.

The story concludes with a photo of Kaur and her sister on a wooden bridge, with the word "Family" in colourful font.

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Gurkiran Kaur recently impressed people on Instagram with her totally awesome Wonder Woman costume, complete with makeup inspired by classic comic book art.

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On top of that, she is also a successful fashion designer, having started a clothing company with her sister called Jangiiro. She uses her great fashion sense to help dress her husband, Jagmeet Singh, by picking out which colour turban he should wear with every outfit.

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Kaur is also a proud vegetarian, often sharing photos of delicious meals on her Instagram as well. She has also lent her efforts to various humanitarian causes.

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