Jagmeet Singh Is Actually Gurkiran Kaur's Ultimate Instagram Husband

He's the mastermind behind so many of her pics!
Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur

It's almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without coming across those super cute, goal-worthy shots of couples looking super adorable and in love. It turns out that Jagmeet Singh's wife, Gurkiran Kaur's Instagram is no exception. In fact, aside from all the goals pics of the couple, a lot of Kaur's solo shots were actually taken by Singh, proving that he's the ultimate Instagram husband. 

While the main focus on Jagmeet Singh lately has been surrounding his bid to become the Prime Minister of Canada, he was defeated in the election with the NDP claiming only 24 seats. His role as the leader of the federal NDP will definitely still keep him busy over the next four years, but now we have a better idea of how Singh spends his time out of office, too. It turns out that Jagmeet Singh is actually an Instagram husband. 

With his work taking him and his wife across the country and sometimes around the world, it's not surprising that she has what seems like an endless supply of Insta-worthy pictures to post. What is surprising is a number of the gorgeous pictures she shares were actually captured by her husband. According to Kaur's Instagram captions, all these pics were captured by Jagmeet Singh. 

Take this mini-photo shoot from Beacon Hill Park, for example. Can't you just picture Jagmeet Singh patiently snapping pics as his wife climbs a tree? 

Imagine how many tries it took to get a picture where Kaur's hair wasn't completely blowing in her face! Pair that with capturing the perfect background and getting a non-blurry pic in a moving car? Jagmeet Singh is practically a pro! 

Even when they're touring across Canada, Singh and Kaur seem to capture the perfect "candid" photos of their travels. It seems like Singh is always happy to make time for a photo-op. 

Jagmeet Singh clearly isn't afraid to step up with the photos when his wife is really digging her outfit (which is probably often, as a fashion designer) or when golden hour hits!  

On Monday night, Justin Trudeau was re-elected as Prime Minister of Canada. The new Canadian government was declared a liberal minority after Trudeau's party secured 157 seats in the federal election.

Leading up to election day, Singh campaigned against Trudeau to become our next prime minister. Moments that Canadians will remember include when he stood against racism during election rallies, Rihanna responded to Singh's DMs and his now-famous Tik Tok videos.

Oh, and don't forget about that time Singh blew Twitter's mind by sharing his ultimate "Punjabi Poutine" recipe.

Obviously, as the leader of a major political party and a member of Parliament, Jagmeet Singh has some big responsibilities of his own. However, the fact that he's moonlighting as an Instagram husband is also kind of amazing. Tell me that's not #goals? 

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