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This New Docu-Series On Netflix Is A Real Life 'Orange Is The New Black'

'Jailbirds' is coming to Netflix on May 10th.
This New Docu-Series On Netflix Is A Real Life 'Orange Is The New Black'

When Orange is the New Black came to Netflix back in 2013, people fell in love instantly. The show has a very talented cast, an enticing and dramatic storyline, the most lovable characters, and it's based on a true story to boot! While not many of us know firsthand what it's like to be locked up behind bars, it's always interesting to get a sneak peek at what life is like on the other side. If you're curious to see more, we've got just the thing for you - Jailbirds is Netflix's new take on Orange is the New Black.

The show is a docu-series that goes inside the infamous Sacramento County Jail, which is home to over 2,400 inmates. 90% of the jail's population is male, meaning just 10% is made up of women, and a definite power struggle exists between the two, as well as between the women themselves (cue catfight).

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The trailer for Jailbirds was released by Netflix today, and it gives an introduction to some of the inmates featured on the show. Charges pressed against them include home invasion, robbery, murder, and assault with a deadly weapon, among other things. The show also gives an insider's look at how the inmates manage to break rules by passing contraband through the toilets, and even finding love when officers aren't looking.

The show is produced by 44 Blue Productions, who have also worked on Lock Up, another great show to watch if you're interested in life behind bars. Although the show manages to stay relatively lighthearted, there are definitely some tense and scary moments that happen at Sacramento County, and all of them were caught on camera.

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Jailbirds will be available for streaming on Netflix as of May 10th. While you're waiting, be sure to check out the trailer below: 

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