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Trudeau Has Finally Commented On Jaime Battiste's "Homophobic" Tweets & His Political Future

The PM said that Battiste has apologized and taken responsibility.
Jaime Battiste's Tweets Will Not Prevent Him From Running For The Liberal Party

At least one Liberal candidate has been in the news recently for controversial reasons. Jaime Battiste, who is running in the Sydney-Victoria riding, recently had several tweets unearthed that were deemed "sexist", "racist", and "homophobic" in nature. Jaime Battiste's tweets have since been deleted, but are being used as a point of attack by the Conservatives. However, Battiste will still be allowed to run in his riding.

Trudeau was out planting trees on October 6 and took some time to field questions from the press. He was asked by Abigail Bimman of Global News why an apology was fine for Battiste when the Conservatives had removed their own candidate for making "homophobic" remarks, a reference to former Conservative candidate Heather Leung.

Trudeau was brief, saying only, "Mr. Battiste took responsibility for his actions and apologized." When asked a follow up comparing Battiste's tweets to Trudeau's blackface controversy, Trudeau said essentially the same thing.

A Liberal spokesperson told CTV News that the party would stand by Battiste, echoing Trudeau's statement. "He has issued a formal apology for his past social media statements," the spokesperson said, according to CTV.

The Conservative Party had already issued their own statement on Battiste's tweets, calling his remarks "disgusting and inexcusable."

"While some of Battiste’s comments are too inappropriate to repeat, he joked about sexually assaulting women and believes their role is to clean, cook and fold laundry," the statement read.

"Justin Trudeau says he’s a feminist, but as we have seen time and time again his own decisions and actions speak louder than his words."

Meanwhile, the reaction on Twitter has been mostly negative toward the Liberals for still allowing Battiste to run in his riding.

"Condescending, moralizing, virtue signalling Liberals and 98% of Cdn media having enabled them are down to tolerating Liberal candidates who've expressed racist, misogynist and antisemitic advocacy. Liberals know liberal voters, they'll vote anything in," wrote @surveilz.

"Hypocrisy has become the defining characteristic of the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau. They were once so much better than this," wrote @LimitiedTimeOff1.

The Canadian federal election will take place on October 21, with the English debates taking place on October 7.

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