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Jake Gyllenhaal Declares His Love For Canada And The Raptors While Hating On Ryan Reynolds

Jake Gyllenhaal just complimented and tore apart Canada in one sentence. We all know how much the Avengers cast loves to tease each other, and that doesn't exclude Canada's beloved Deadpool. In an interview for Spiderman: Far From Home, Jake Gyllenhaal talked about Canada, The Raptors, and Ryan Reynolds

One YouTube search of, "Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds", will bring up hundreds of compilation videos of the two actors laughing at each other for 10 minutes. It doesn't seem to be any different when the two aren't together.

In his interview, while shopping for comic books, Jake was asked how he celebrated being inducted into the Marvel universe, as his character Mysterio, with his in real life friends Wolverine and Deadpool. Jake jokingly responded, "I'm friends with Wolverine, Deadpool not so much." 

He then went on to explain, "he [Deadpool] just has a way with words that doesn't sit well" with him. 

When the interview brought up that maybe it was because he was from Canada, Jake quickly corrected him, "It's not about Canada, go Canada!" He even went on to compliment our winning basketball team, "Yeah Raptors!" 

Getting into a more serious note Jake went into how both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman threw him a party where they all dressed up in their characters costumes. He also mentioned how great it was to hang out with them so often. 

This interview just confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal loves Canada and the Jake x Ryan x Hugh bromance is still alive and well, there's not much more we could ask for. You can view the hilarious interview below: 

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