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Evicted 'BBCAN' Star Micheal Stubley Shared A Powerful Message Following Jamar Lee's Exit

Lee's shocking exit will play out on tonight's episode of 'Big Brother Canada'.
Jamar Lee From 'Big Brother Canada'

Seems like Jamar and Micheal have formed a bromance! Yesterday afternoon, news broke that Jamar Lee from Big Brother Canada had been removed from the show due to “breach of house rules”. After finding out the shocking information, evicted houseguest Micheal Stubley took to his Instagram account to share some thoughts with fans.

According to Global News, the decision to remove Lee from the house came after a particularly tense house meeting, where the Ajax, Ontario native allegedly threatened fellow houseguest, Kyle Rozendal.

Prince Edward Island-born star Vanessa Clements also felt “uncomfortable” after hearing Lee’s comments during the meeting, which resulted in the decision to remove the 23-year-old from the house.

When word of Lee’s exit reached the outside world, many fans expressed that they were devastated using #IStandWithJamar. Among those upset by the news was last week’s evicted player, Stubley.

“It’s disappointing to see what has happened inside the house with some of the guests these past few days. When we sign up for the show we knew what we are getting ourselves into. There is going to be A LOT of talks that lead into arguments and I can say in my time in the house I even took part in these arguments as it’s just part of the game,” the Kelowna native wrote last night.

“It’s disappointing that after one argument and with my boy apologizing for how he may of came off, some of our ‘family’ in the house appear to take advantage of the scenario and did not feel ‘safe’ living with a young black 23 year old from Ajax, Ontario, who has been the loving entertainment for all of us while we have been living inside the house,” Stubley continued.

“Play the game and stop playing to your prejudice. I’ll always be here to support you @KiingJam. Be brave in the face of adversity #IStandWithJamar.”

The Military Infantryman also took to Twitter to update fans, revealing that he and Lee had been FaceTiming after his shocking removal from the house.

Fans were relieved to see that Lee has a solid support system in not only Stubley but in the BBCAN community as well. He has yet to address the incident on social media himself.

You can watch the Ajax-born star’s dramatic exit on tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada at 7 p.m. ET/PT.