James Charles Has Been Spotted Out For The First Time Since His Scandal Broke

He looks like a sad sister.
James Charles Has Been Spotted Out For The First Time Since His Scandal Broke

Ever since Tati Westbrook put James Charles on blast on the famous YouTube video titled "BYE SISTER ...", James has pretty much been in hiding. He hasn't posted on social media at all, but this isn't surprising. Whether or not James is told to keep quiet by his PR team, fans are anxiously awaiting his next move. James Charles was seen for the first time amid Tati Westbrook feud

If you weren't aware, James was actually traveling during this whole scandal. He was in Australia opening a pop-up shop for his clothing line, Sisters Apparel. The first time he was spotted was at the Brisbane Airport, where he was traveling home. In the photo and video James was seen in, you can see he's being escorted through the airport. However, fans also think something is super fishy about his first appearance. 

In the video, you can see James is wearing stilettos, a Balenciaga jean jacket, and a Sisters Apparel sweater. Fans believe James is trying everything not to blend in, and if he was scared of being seen, he'd definitely be trying his best to. In the photo above, James looks super somber and you can see in the video he doesn't say a word. 

You can view the video where James is seen for the first time below: 

Ever since posted his apology titled "tati" on YouTube, James has lost over 3 million YouTube subscribers and a million Instagram followers. Countless celebrities and James' friends have unfollowed him on social media as well. Model Jay Alvarrez was brave enough yesterday to reveal his DMs with James from earlier this year, and it's so painful to read. 

While we're not sure how James is reacting to the situation now, it may be a while before he comes back to his YouTube channel. He starts his Sister Tour on June 26th, but fans were already over it when he announced the ticket prices would be $500. As of right now, the tour is still on.