James Corden Had The Best Surprise For Calgary Teacher Looking To Spread Some Joy (VIDEO)

Canada got a shoutout all the way from Hollywood!
James Corden Had The Best Surprise For Calgary Teacher Looking To Spread Some Joy (VIDEO)

Shoutout to Canada! James Corden had the ultimate surprise on his The Late Late Show this past week that put the spotlight on a Calgary teacher looking to give back. The Canadian even got help from another exciting celeb.

Jamie Anderson, along with the school he works at, have set up a hotline called the Ever After School joke hotline for senior citizens. Stocked with pre-recorded jokes, it’s meant to help put a smile on their faces.

According to Corden, the hotline has been getting hundreds of calls every day. They’ve even received joke submission from around the world!

After calling the number himself and giving his viewers a taste of the family friendly jokes featured on the other end, he invited the Alberta teacher onto his show.

Anderson explained that the idea for the jokes actually originated with his students. With in person school cancelled for the year, the students needed to come up with a volunteer program that could still happen.

With the help of their teacher they created the joke hotline.

He went on to admit that calls have started to slow down in recent days, but Corden had the perfect solution.

Inviting comedian and actor Billy Crystal onto the show, the Canadian teacher walked away with a few more jokes under his sleeve.

Crystal recorded his own jokes like, “What did one hat say to another? You wait here, I’ll go on ahead!” to add to the hotline.

If you want to be a part of the laughter, you can check out more about the Ever After School joke hotline on their website, or even call the number (1-877-JOY-4ALL).

You can watch the full interview below.