After a recent visit to Canada, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is showing his love for our country in a very unique way. The Japanese PM just installed a beaver door knocker from Canada at his lake house in Japan. He loves it so much that he even posted an Instagram video about his new, Canadian door knocker. 

In the caption accompanying the video, Prime Minister Abe says something along the lines of the door knocker being a beaver souvenir that he brought back from Canada and that he installed it immediately at his villa by Lake Kawaguchi. He goes on to include a few hashtags like #Canada and another hashtag of the Canadian flag emoji. 

As for the video, it shows a straightfaced by casual Abe nailing the wooden beaver door knocker onto the outside of his house. Then it cuts to the Prime Minister's wife, Akie Abe, smiling while she tests out the door knocker. 

Based on the video, the knocker works by pulling a string, which moves the forward. As the wooden beaver moves forward, it's nose taps against the base of the knocker making a little knocking sound. 

The whole video, which is already really cute, is also set to fun, happy music. 

The best thing about this whole beaver door knocker is that it wasn't even a gift from Canada. The Canadian Press reports that Justin Trudeau's office didn't gift the beaver knocker to Abe. That means Abe bought it himself, showing just how much he truly loves our country. 

This Canadian love isn't overly surprising given the relationship between Abe and Trudeau. On Sunday, during his visit here Abe said that they really enjoyed their time in Canada. He told Trudeau, "It was a tremendous honour for me. My wife, Akie, and I had a very special time with you and Sophie."

The pair were visiting to celebrate the trade deal between Canada and Japan that was finalized late last year. 

Justin Trudeau also shared his own video with Shinzo Abe, although there's no whimsical beaver knocker here. Instead, the video shared to Trudeau's Instagram shows the pair on Parliament Hill, greeting the media with smiles and handshakes.