Alberta’s Premier Got Super Heated & Slammed Elizabeth May Calling Her “Un-Canadian”

He had stern words for Quebec, too.
Jason Kenney Just Got Super Heated & Slammed Elizabeth May Calling Her “Un-Canadian”

Kenney is not holding back. On Thursday, May 7, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney clapped back at Elizabeth May's comments about the oil industry. He called her "un-Canadian" and said that now is not the time to pile on Alberta and energy workers. 

"This is the opposite of leadership," said Kenney regarding the Green Party leader. 

Elizabeth May had said on May 6 that "oil is dead." She urged Alberta to diversify its economy and get its oil workers to transition into the "green economy." 

But it looks like Kenney is not having it. Kenney told the public that Alberta has contributed over $600 billion dollars into the Canadian economy, thanks "largely to our energy resources." 

"Please stop kicking us when we're down," he said. 

He added that these attacks on our natural resources are unwarranted, divisive and in a way, "un-Canadian" at a time like this. 

It's like blaming a victim, he added. 

The Premier also pointed out how Quebec consumes 60,000 barrels of oil a day. And that Quebec has experienced a record number of sales for SUVs and heavier cars. 

"Quebecers love taking airplanes to vacations," he stated. 

He also pointed out how "half" of Quebec's energy comes from Alberta. 

Kenney also said that if the energy sources didn't come from Alberta, they would come from the United States and "OPEC dictatorships."

The premier denied reports of Albertans sending in a string of insults to Quebecers. "Nothing could be further from the truth," Kenney said.

He claimed that Albertans have instead sent tens of billions of dollars of wealth generated by the hard-working local people.

He also cited the "tens of thousands" of Quebecs that move to Alberta to participate in the oil economy.

He said that there is no way that Albertans could be sending insults to the people of Quebec.

Instead, they send billions of dollars, solidarity, friendship, shared values and interests, and "energy that fuels the Quebec economy."

Further, he remarked that his province has sent out millions of masks, gloves, and even 25 ventilators to help Canadians get through the COVID-19 crisis.

As for May, she had said on May 6 that Alberta has the best potential out of all the provinces for the production of solar energy.

She also mentioned that investing in the oil economy is like investing in Blockbuster.

Kenney also took aim at "dictatorships" during the press conference who've reportedly been trying to drive North American oil out of the market.

He said that these countries want to dominate the world with "dictator oil," and this is why oil prices have been down.

All and all, it was an immensely heated press conference.