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Jason Kenney Wants Justin Trudeau To Know That WEXIT Is Not A Joke (VIDEO)

He actually wrote a letter to the PM!
Jason Kenney Wants Justin Trudeau To Know That Albertans Are Frustrated

The Liberal Party may have won a minority government, but none of their seats came from Saskatchewan and Alberta. Both provinces voted overwhelmingly Conservative (with only one Alberta riding electing an NDP candidate). With those results, Alberta premier Jason Kenney wants Justin Trudeau to know that his province expects better treatment from the federal government.

Kenney announced that there would be public hearings for Albertans to voice their concerns. The panels, which would be comprised of people Kenney calls "eminent Albertans," would travel the province and hold public town halls.

"The hearings that we will hold will be an opportunity for people to speak out," Kenney said during a press conference, according to HuffPost. "And I do expect to hear a lot of frustration, and people have a bloody right to be frustrated in this province."

Kenney's statement is reflective of how the hashtag #wexit began trending on Twitter not long after the election results came in. 

Kenney acknowledged that he is aware of the separatist attitudes in his province. However, he said he does not support the separation of Alberta from the rest of the country.

"We should not let Justin Trudeau and his policies make us feel unwelcome in our own country," Kenney said, according to CBC News. "Landlocking ourselves through separation is not a solution to the problem of a campaign to landlock Alberta."

Kenney also noted that the main issues for the province of Alberta that he wants Trudeau to attend to are equalization payments and the construction of pipelines.

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe also outlined his own demands for the federal government in a statement shared on his social media pages.

"Albertans cannot understand why they have been called on to contribute $20 billion more annually to the Government of Canada than they receive back in benefits," Kenney wrote in a letter to Justin Trudeau, according to CBC, "and yet our ability to develop that wealth is increasingly blocked through cancelled and killed pipelines and policies like Bill C-69."

On the night of the election, Justin Trudeau addressed both the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, saying, "Know that you are an essential part of our great country. I’ve heard your frustration and I want to be there to support you. Let us all work hard to bring our country together."

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