Kenney Just Dropped $32K On A Three-Day Trip To Texas To Promote Alberta Oil

He's getting reactions of both support and total outrage.
Jason Kenney Texas Trip To Promote Alberta Oil This Week Will Cost $32,000

Onn the morning of Monday, November 18, Alberta's premier Jason Kenney announced that he will be travelling to Texas to promote Alberta oil. Kenney will be visiting both Houston and Dallas for meetings intended to garner investment. His trip will cost an estimated $32,000. Jason Kenney's Texas trip will take place from Monday, November 18 to Thursday, November 21 and reactions to his announcement are ranging from support to outrage.

"For the last five years we’ve seen billions of dollars and thousands of jobs flow from Alberta to Texas," Jason Kenney tweeted on Monday, "That’s why I’m headed to Texas this week, to meet with major job creators and show them why Alberta is the best place to invest."

A news release by the Alberta government explained that Kenney’s trip is estimated to cost $32,000 to cover the travel of the premier, three political staff, and security detail." Our top goal is getting Alberta back to work," said Jason Kenney in the same release.

Kenney plans to use this mission to work on "restoring investor confidence and reversing the flow of money, ideas and businesses from Alberta to places like Texas."

His trip comes not long after Encana announced that it would be relocating its headquarters from Calgary to the United States. Husky Energy also announced layoffs of hundreds of workers in Alberta recently.

Following Kenney's travel announcement on Twitter, the comment thread has generated messages of support, sarcastic jabs, and separatist cries.

"Great news mr. Kenney!, you doing a great job, thank you very much!" one Twitter user replied. "On the taxpayer's money no doubt!" replied another user. "You mean you’re meeting with the Koch brothers and taking another vacation on our tax dollar," one comment read.

On the flip side, there have been tweets like, "Thanks for working so hard for us Jason but also Let them know albertans would love to become a state and ditch the hypocrite Canada."

"Head to Ottawa first, tell them we're leaving, and then Alberta WILL be the best place to invest," reads another pro-Wexit tweet.

"Not till we’re in charge of our own #wexit The risk is not Albertans, the risk is Canada. Time to leave."

Last month, Jason Kenney received ridicule for spending $16,000 to fly himself and three other premiers from the Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast to Saskatchewan.

He then received even more flack for an alleged $45,000 spent on trips to London.

Once again, Jason Kenney's travel expenses are under the microscope with some expressing support and others, anger.

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