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Jason Momoa Got Stuck In A Vancouver Elevator And Had The Time Of His Life

Jason Momoa has never kept his love for Canada — specifically Vancouver — a secret, and it looks like even through hardships in Canada he manages to have the time of his life. On a recent trip to Vancouver, Momoa got to experience a new location in Canada, and it wasn't exactly ideal. Jason Momoa spent a good chunk of his Canadian getaway stuck inside a Vancouver hotel's elevator. 

Yesterday, Momoa started off his Instagram story by sharing videos of the cutest dog who he kept referring to as "Rama." Things took a turn in his story when his next video started with the same dog, but this time Momoa, the dog, and five other friends are all stuck in an elevator. 

One of his friends yells, "We're stuck in a f***ing elevator while repeatedly ringing the emergency button." 

When Momoa pans across the small space, you can see that the rest of his friends have given in and have planted themselves on the floor with whatever snacks they had handy. 

They admit they've already been stuck in the elevator for at least an hour and when Momoa drops the M&M's he's eating his panicked friend shouts, "You're not being very conservative with your M&M's." 

As much as their situation sucked, it seems like Momoa and his friends actually had a pretty fun time in that elevator. 

The crew goes on to drink beer and jokingly discuss who they would eat first if no one rescued them. Momoa's stunt team hilariously shows up before the firefighters do and try to help them escape. 

The last video Momoa uploaded is of his dog and then he pans up to the ceiling panel that they broke in order to climb out. We don't exactly know how or when they actually all got out but the Instagram videos lasted for three hours. 

I think this Instagram journey Momoa took his fans on just proved to us how much fun Momoa is, even in a not-so-great situation.