Model Jay Alvarrez Just Exposed His DMs With James Charles And It’s Actually Painful To Read

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Model Jay Alvarrez Just Exposed His DMs With James Charles And It’s Actually Painful To Read

We haven't heard anything from James Charles since his apology video to Tati Westbrook four days ago. His eight-minute video now has 44 million views, and Tati's video exposing James has 43 million views. Since then, a ton of people have come out and said that James had been inappropriate to them, their boyfriend, or whatever the case was. Now, someone is exposing James, and they actually have screenshots. Jay Alvarrez exposes DMs with James Charles amid scandal

Whether or not you believe James Charles is "canceled", you have to admit that this drama is pretty interesting. Maybe you're not familiar with James or Tati, but you've definitely heard their names a few times since Friday when Tati put up her video titled "BYE SISTER ...". Some of James' friends are sticking up for him, but most are just unfollowing him, including a ton of celebrities

In the photo above, James captioned it, "When you slide into the DMs but then you realize it was a horrible idea and it's too late". Well, Jay Alvarrez, who is a well-known model on Instagram, is exposing those DMs that James may be regretting now. 

Going back to February, James sent a DM to Jay saying, "Hi daddy" to which Jay replied, "The makeup artist god! What's good" with a peace sign. Jay posted this conversation on his Instagram stories with the caption, "People giving this kid too much props he got no game". You can view the story below, but it's pretty painful to read. 

[rebelmouse-image 25935194 photo_credit="jayalvarrez" expand=1 original_size="677x1192"]

As you can see from the last message sent, Jay set the record straight and told James he's "straight as could be" with a wink emoji. It looks like James didn't respond to the message. In the video Tati made exposing James, she explained that he went after straight guys and then "played the victim" when they didn't like him back. 

It's unclear whether or not James will make a comeback to his YouTube channel, or social media, in the future. He has currently lost over 3 million subscribers, while Tati has doubled her subscriber count.