Alexis Ren made headlines not too long ago when she opened up about her extremely public and in turn, extremely toxic, relationship with model/videographer Jay Alvarrez

The two went beyond viral in 2015, when pictures of them on exotic vacations flooded everyone's Instagram feeds. They were a gorgeous, young couple in love, living the most lavish of lives. After two-ish years of travelling and working together, the couple called it quits in February with some petty af tweets

When it came out that Jay had pressured Alexis into a diet akin to anorexia and deeply effected her mental health, we were all Team Alexis in a heartbeat. Girl should never have had to deal with being treated like that. We are all for her healthy weight gain and solo spotlight. Jay, unsurprisingly, ignored the comments and continued his videos and Instagrams in true douchebag fashion.

So you can imagine our surprise when on his 22nd birthday, he added this sentimental shot of him and Alexis. 

Sorry I had to leave?! What does this MEAN Jay Alvarrez?! Leave the relationship? The country? Alexis??? 

There's been 0 word from Alexis this morning, so it's super unclear as to whether or not she'll wish Jay a happy birthday. Our guess is a 'no' the size of Alvarrez's ego.