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Jay Inslee Is Under Fire After Angry Locals Accuse Him Of Getting A Pro Haircut (PHOTOS)

Washington's Gov. has been sporting some fresh new 'dos.
Jay Inslee's Haircuts Are Done By His Wife But People Aren't Buying It  (PHOTOS)

What do people want more than anything during the stay at home orders? From the looks of things, a haircut. Washington Governor Jay Inslee gets haircuts from his wife but eagle-eyed locals aren't buying it.

"My wife Trudi has been cutting my hair during the stay home order," wrote Inslee in an Instagram caption. "She is grateful so many of you noticed. #TrudisGotThisWA"

Wondering how 'scissorsgate' got started? 

It didn't take long for skeptics to rise up and doubt Inslee's fresh looking home haircuts.

Tim Eyman, a rival candidate for Governor was one of the first to stir up the rumors.

The first lady even took a photo to try and show she actually cuts her husband's hair. But that didn't work either.

"BTW Trudi doesn’t even seem to have any idea how to hold those hair shears ... seems like an obvious lie to me,” he wrote.

“Hey Jay might wanna do your research next time you stage a photo,” said another person.

The Daily News reported that several out of work Washington hair stylists also acknlowleged Trudi was holding the scissors the wrong way in the photo. How could she know how to cut her husband's hair?

With the state stay at home order in place, hair salons and barber shops are temporarily closed.

Governor Inslee recently extended the state's stay at home order through May 31. The order was originally intended to be lifted earlier this week on May 4.

However, the state is slowly reopening in phases with guidance from health officials.

Phase one began on May 5, which allows some businesses to open their doors again with limited restrictions. This includes landscaping, auto dealerships, retail pick-up, car washes, and pet walkers.

Outdoor activities such as golfing and fishing are also allowed with social distancing in place.