We wish we were joking, but it's true. The reboot that all of us have been anxiously waiting for, the one we've been speculating and fantasizing about for years, is not happening. The sad news has been confirmed by none other than Pam Beasley herself.

Earlier today, Jenna Fischer posted a photo of herself dressed up for the filming of her latest on-screen gig, ABC's Splitting Up Together. One bold fan commented on the photo, asking Fischer the question she and the entire cast of The Office are undoubtedly sick of hearing -  is the show ever making a comeback?!

Fischer responded to the question in five words. Five words that have crushed our hopes and shattered our dreams irreversibly  - "No, it's not. I'm sorry."

Which is so unfair, considering Fischer herself said that an Office revival is a "great idea" and she'd be "honoured to come back" in any way possible.

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Only a few short months ago, John Krasinksi sent us over the edge with excitement in an interview on Ellen. He suggested that the only way a reboot could ever happen is if it were filmed as a one-off Christmas special. Even Angela and Creed said they were up for it!

Ummm @nbc call me.... have a quick question for you. Also call @creedbratton because he is blowing up my phone. K. Thx. Byeeeeeee. 💃

December 19, 2017

Fischer chose not to respond to any more burning questions from fans, or explain why the reboot is not going to happen. All we can do is start rewatching from season one for the 100th time and cry.