Jenna Fischer Had To Wear A Towel On Jimmy Kimmel, Here's Why

We all know and love Jenna Fischer. She played one of everyone's favourite characters on The Office (Pam) and this year had a role in the film The 15:17 to Paris and is now part of a show called Splitting Up Together.

But did you know that she is just as lovable when she isn't acting? Because we all found that out last night on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

See Fischer had a wardrobe malfunction just before she was set to appear as a guest on the show, and instead of canceling she came up with a creative solution.  

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Right before she went on, Fischer explained to Kimmel, the zipper on the dress she planned to wear broke. Leaving her with nothing to wear.

The solution she came up with? Grab a towel and quickly wrap herself up in it as a makeshift top.  

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“The show must go on,” Fischer said laughingly to the host, who looked thoroughly confused by her choice of fashion.

Fischer even brought the dress she had planned to wear onto the show as a way of proving that she didn’t actually plan on appearing in a towel.  

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The actress did admit that she was a tad bit nervous appearing on the show wearing only the towel for a top but that didn’t mean it didn’t have its advantages she said. “I’m physically very comfortable,” she said.

Fischer did manage to find a pair of jeans to wear as well so it’s not like she was completely exposed.

You can check out the whole video below.