There's no place for a celebrity to debut an iconic outfit quite like on a red carpet, and after last night's award show, Jennifer Lopez's 2020 Golden Globes look is getting its own 15 minutes of fame.

Plenty of celebrities were spotted attending the first award show of the year last night, including some of your favourite Canadians. As per usual, people have begun sharing their opinions on the best and worst dressed of the evening, and some fans have made a seriously hilarious observation.

Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez usually receives plenty of praise for her outfits, but last night was an exception. The actress wore a white and green gown that definitely had the potential to be amazing, if it weren't for the massive gold bow draped across the front, that is.

JLo's look fell into the "worst dressed" category on several lists, but people couldn't help but compare the look to something another celebrity recently rocked during the holiday season.

If you're a fan of Ryan Reynolds, you may remember the famous ugly Christmas sweater that he's brought out for the past two years to get him into the holiday spirit.

Twitter users can't stop talking about how similar the looks are, each with their own version of the obnoxious but festive bow.

"JLo’s Globes dress is @VancityReynolds ugly sweater gown version," one person tweeted.

"JLo looks FANTASTIC in the dress she upcycled from @VancityReynolds's ugly Christmas sweater," commented another.

As it turns out, Reynolds' holiday sweater was more than just a fun outfit for this Christmas season — it was actually an incredibly festive way to help raise money for sick children.

Being the internet troll that he is though, we might get to see the Canadian star take to Instagram to share his opinion on JLo's look from last night.

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