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This Guy Got A Final Jeopardy Question About Canada Epically Wrong & Still Won (VIDEO)

Sometimes you can do everything right and still fail. Other times you can do everything wrong and still succeed. One Jeopardy contestant's answer about Canadian geography is an example of the latter. 

During the April 1 broadcast of the long-running trivia-based game show, contestant Hemant Mehta was able to win the game, despite an incredibly incorrect final Jeopardy answer regarding Canadian geography.

The answer provided was "Canada’s Four Corners monument marks the junction of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut & these 2 Prairie provinces."

The answer, in the form of a question, would be "what are Manitoba and Saskatchewan?" However, Mehta's answer was "what are Newfoundland and Labrador?"

Where do we even start with unpacking this? First, nothing could be farther from "Prairie province" than Newfoundland and Labrador, which is also just one province, not two.

Still, because the other contestants also got the answer wrong, Mehta was able to walk away the winner after losing only $201 on his ridiculously incorrect guess.

Mehta wrote in a blog post about getting to be on the show that Canada was one of his major blind spots while brushing up on all sorts of trivia.

"Especially Canada," Mehta wrote, "Canada makes no sense."

Mehta leaned into just how incorrect he was, writing in his Twitter bio "Jeopardy champ everywhere but Canada."

Even when host Alex Trebek was reading Mehta's answer, the contestant's nonchalant shrug and look directly into the camera suggested that he really was just taking a shot in the dark.

He might have benefitted from taking the time to listen to the Come From Away soundtrack or watch The Shipping News.

Still, the fact that an American playing on Jeopardy knew that you have to technically include Labrador when talking about Newfoundland should get him some partial credit.