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Jersey Shore Cast Confirms Reunion Special In The Best Possible Way

At the beginning of this week, the world was TOUCHED with the news that the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore might be banding together for the most highly anticipated television reunion since FRIENDS. Word spread across the globe of our favourite guidos and guidettes returning to Seaside Heights to gym, tan and laundry with all of the panache of their golden debut years. 


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When Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was asked about the reunion rumours he was quoted in saying,“The stars have aligned, and it’s time to make reality TV great again... I’ll be honest I’m surprised somebody hasn’t done it before this. It’s been about five years, and as soon as there was a hint of it online, it’s trending. That just tells you something right there.”

We will willfully ignore the D-Trump reference in the sheer JOY that yes - Jersey Shore is a GO, and it might be thanks to you. Vinny Guadagnino beautifully tweeted out a message to try and gage interest from old fans, gaging over 100,000 retweets from around the world. All it took was a little social media action for the stars - and networks - to take notice. 

Anyone who wants to see a #JerseyShoreReunion . Retweet this

July 12, 2017

TMZ has done God's work and CONFIRMED that Pauly D, Snooki, Situation and Jwoww will be returning to the small screens for a "Where Are They Now"-type docuseries of several episodes and or possibly a one-time TV debut. 

While the reboot doesn't promise any actual bar fights, questionable hot-tubs, or Sunday night dinners, it does promise to pay some homage to the stars Jersey roots, which may explain why some of our favourite cast members were spotted filming around Seaside Heights. 

@burgerking came out with a chicken parmesan sandwich, so you know we had to get together family dinner style and try it out #ad

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In the meantime, the cast has in fact ALREADY reunited for an AMAZING 6-minute long Burger King commercial, where they dine in true Jersey Shore Sunday-Night-Dinner fashion, over the new Chicken Parm sandwich.  

And before you ask, the reunion will be dropping on a network/online platform to be announced this August. And yes, Ron will probably make an appearance. He was filming "Famously Single" overseas but will mostly likely reunite with the rest of the cast- just for Sammi to yell to "STAHP" at him one last time.  

Source: TMZ

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