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The CBSC Have Received More Complaints About Jess Allen & The Social Than They Can Handle

They're no longer accepting complaints about Jess Allen's comments.
Jess Allen’s Hockey Comments Got More Complaints Than The CBSC Can Handle
Senior Editor

It’s been a pretty hectic week for the staff at the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC), who have had their website crushed with complaints for the third time in less than a week. After Don Cherry actually broke the national complaints website earlier this week, Jess Allen’s recent hockey comments have now had so many complaints that the CBSC is refusing to take any more on the two issues. 

In a brilliant example of just how widespread this whole Don Cherry scandal has become, the CBSC has officially announced that they’ve had too many complaints about Don Cherry, Jess Allen and Don Cherry’s firing, and now they’re refusing to take any more on the matter.

In a statement on their official website, the board explained, “CBSC has received a large number of very similar complaints concerning comments made about hockey on CTV’s The Social on November 12, 2019 [and] the Coach’s Corner broadcast on CBC (Sportsnet) on November 9, 2019.”

“To ensure that all complaints are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner, the CBSC limits the number of complaints it will accept in respect of the same broadcast. The CBSC process does not vary based on the number of complaints made.”

Concluding, the CBSC adds, “No further complaints will be accepted on this issue.”

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In an additional statement, the CBSC asks Canadians to stop contacting them regarding Don Cherry’s firing from Sportsnet, noting, “The CBSC has no jurisdiction over the employment or operations matters of its member stations, nor can it require a station to remove an on-air host.”

Earlier this week, the CBSC announced that the number of complaints about Don Cherry had actually crashed their website.

In a Sportsnet broadcast last weekend, Cherry seemingly accused Canada's immigrants of refusing to wear poppies, referring to newcomers as "you people."

However, it seems that it’s not only Don Cherry who’s keeping the CBSC staff busy, as Jess Allen’s recent comments have also caused a staggering number of Canadians to complain to the CBSC.

The Social host caused a stir earlier this week while talking about Don Cherry on the show, going on to call hockey players "white boys" and "bullies."

Whatever you think of all of this poppy and hockey drama, the CBSC is asking you not to send any more complaints about Don Cherry and Jess Allen to them.

The CBSC statement explains that they are in the process of investigating both instances.

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