Days after Don Cherry was fired over controversial comments he said on-air, there are calls for another Canadian TV personality to be fired. Jess Allen's hockey comments caused some backlash but she's clapping back at haters. And she's not holding back.

During the live broadcast of The Social on November 12, the four hosts talked about Cherry's "you people" comment and the resulting backlash for nine minutes. 

Jess Allen, one of the hosts, made comments resulting in calls for her to be fired from the show.

Allen started the discussion by commenting on what she took issue with and what struck a nerve with her regarding the controversy. 

"I don't worship at the altar of hockey. I never have and maybe it's because of where I grew up and going to a couple of different universities. There's a certain type of person in my mind, in my experience, who does," Allen said.

But she wasn't done there.

Allen went on and said, "They all tended to be white boys who weren't, let's say, very nice. They were not generally thoughtful. They were often bullies."

Following her comments, people took to Twitter to bash Allen for what she said and call for her to be fired from The Social just like Cherry was from Hockey Night In Canada.

Because of all the tweets, #FireJessAllen actually trended in Canada on November 13.

But Allen is standing behind her comments about hockey and the people who play it. She has even responded to some of the tweets calling for her to be fired. 

One person claimed that Allen's comment was worse than Cherry's comment and said, "Because she got picked on by some hockey players she has the right to throw millions of people under the bus... Pathetic."

Someone tried to go after Allen for supposedly being unpopular in high school, claiming that was the reason she said what she did about hockey players. 

The person said she "must have been one of those kids in drama class or stuck in the library trying to solve world poverty."

But Allen wasn't having any of it.

When someone mistakingly said "pain and simple" instead of "plain and simple" which is what the phrase actually is, Allen had a shady and grammatically correct response.

A lot of the people calling for Allen to be fired have a personal connection to hockey. When one person said she's "totally racist against white people hockey players", Allen said that they were all proving her point about hockey culture. 

Don Cherry was fired by Sportsnet because of the comments he made about "you people" not wearing poppies after significant backlash online and complaints from viewers.

Later in the segment, after the other hosts had voiced their opinions, Allen went on to say, "I find it embarrassing that there's a big chunk of the country that is so upset about this. Hockey doesn't mean anything to me, I'm sorry."

Despite #FireJessAllen trending, The Social hasn't made any comment on the situation and there has been no word on if the show's company will cave to the outcry. 

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