Jess Allen Just Made Her Instagram Private After All The Hockey Drama

There's been serious outrage over her "white boys" hockey comments.
Jess Allen Just Made Her Instagram Private After All The Hockey Drama
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It’s been nearly a week since Don Cherry made his racist “you people” poppy comments on Sportsnet, and it seems that the aftermath of the scandal is showing no signs of going away just yet. After she weighed in on the debate earlier this week, and now subsequently faces calls to be fired from The Social,Jess Allen’s Instagram account has been hidden from the public.

The Social host Jess Allen is the latest Canadian figure to have ended up involved in the Don Cherry poppy scandal, after she spoke out about the Sportsnet host and hockey players in general, during The Social’s broadcast on Tuesday.

During a nine-minute discussion about the Don Cherry scandal, Allen described hockey players as “a certain type of person,” who tend to be “white boys who weren’t, let's say, very nice,” going on to call them “bullies.”

Allen has received a significant amount of backlash since Tuesday, and she's now facing calls to be fired from The Social. 

While Allen has clapped-back at some criticism on Twitter, she's now made her Instagram private, probably in an attempt to get a break from all the hate.

During their broadcast on November 12, the hosts at The Social discussed the subject of Don Cherry's comments about immigrants wearing poppies during Remembrance Day, which has recently caused a big stir in Canada.

While Allen was keen to share her thoughts on Don Cherry, she also ended up calling out hockey players in general, too. Allen told viewers that she doesn't “worship at the altar of hockey” and found in her experience that those who did “were not generally thoughtful.”

In Wednesday's opening segment of the CTV series, Allen acknowledged that she'd “struck a nerve with many people,” and clarified on Twitter that she was only speaking from her own experiences with specific people who were hockey players.

Despite Allen’s clarification, it seems that many Canadians are still very upset with her, and #FireJessAllen was still trending on Twitter on Wednesday evening. 

Allen has now made her Instagram account private in response to the scandal, most likely so she’ll stop getting hate on the platform. 

Her Twitter account remains active and public, and she was responding to tweets and criticism on the platform on Wednesday.

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Earlier this week, a Manitoba-based journalist also took a break from social media following the Don Cherry scandal, after he was accidentally dragged into it by a Toronto Sun reporter.

CBC reporter Ahmar Khan took to Twitter this week to share how he ended up involved in the scandal, posting examples of the horrific xenophobic emails he has been receiving since the poppy drama unfolded.

Despite #FireJessAllen trending this week on Twitter, The Social has yet to make any comment on the situation.

There has been no official statement from CTV about Allen's comments either.

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