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Meghan Markle's Canadian BFF Just Stood Up For Her After Private Jet Scandal

"3 years of undeserved hate and abuse."
Meghan Markle's Canadian BFF Just Stood Up For Her After Private Jet Scandal

When you're a celebrity, one thing you have to come to terms with pretty quickly is that no matter what you do, someone somewhere will find a reason to disapprove of it. Even the most kindhearted celebs face backlash sometimes, but it can be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with, especially when it seems like the whole world is mad at you. Jessica Mulroney defended Meghan Markle over her private jet scandal.

As someone who's been a working actress for years now, Meghan Markle is no stranger to the spotlight, and the occasionally downfalls that come with it. Since the actress went public about her relationship with Prince Harry though, it seems as though she can't go more than a week without being attacked or criticized over the smallest things.

The latest scandal to send a spiral of hate Markle's way has to do not only with her but her husband as well. Like many wealthy people, Meghan and Harry tend to take private jets while traveling around the world — if you had the money for it, you would too!

Of course, it's understandable why environmentalists would have their opinion on this, but people critiquing Markle have been taking things way too far, and some of them have even made completely unnecessary racist comments.

Although people love to attack her, Markle also has a massive fan base, including her best friend, Canadian icon Jessica Mulroney. When Mulroney saw that flak that her BFF was taking online, she couldn't stay silent.

Mulroney posted the above photo to her Instagram page yesterday, Aug. 20, with a caption reading, "3 years of undeserved hate and abuse. It’s enough." She also retweeted a passionate message from another friend of Markle's, Jameela Jamil.

Mulroney and Jamil aren't the only two to jump to their royal friend's defence — Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, and P!nk all shared sentiments about how the rude commentary towards Markle is totally unnecessary.

Markle has yet to comment on the criticism herself, but if she does, a statement will likely be made on the couple's official Instagram page, @sussexroyal.

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