4 Companies That Have Dropped Jessica Mulroney Amid Her White Privilege Scandal

She engaged in "problematic behaviour and antics".
4 Companies That Have Dropped Jessica Mulroney Amid Her White Privilege Scandal

Dropping like flies. Just days after Jessica Mulroney got called out for acting on white privilege and lashing out over texts, several of the companies she worked with have cut their ties and said goodbye. The Canadian fashion stylist got into hot water when she reportedly threatened a Black lifestyle blogger last week.

Sasha Exeter, Toronto native and founder of So Sasha, took to Instagram on June 10 to share her "Amy Cooper" like experience with Mulroney who exhibited "textbook white privilege".

In her 11-minute long video, the blogger explains that her former acquaintance took personal offence when Exeter shared a call to action post urging influencers to use their platforms to promote the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mulroney apparently felt that the post was a direct call out to her and she subsequently engaged in "a series of very problematic behaviour and antics, that ultimately resulted in her sending me a threat in writing". 

Exeter claims, "[I was] by no means calling Jess a racist but what I will say is this: she is very well aware of her wealth, her perceived power, and privilege because of the colour of her skin."

Mulroney issued three public apologies for her behaviour, the most recent which came after her reality TV series I Do, Redo was cancelled by its network provider. 

Now, four companies that previously had partnerships with the 40-year-old announced that they no longer have ties with her.

CTV & Bell Media

The Canadian networks announced in a statement on Twitter that Mulroney's actions "[conflict] with our commitment to diversity and equality." They added that "CTV has removed 'I Do, Redo' from all Bell Media channels and platforms effective immediately."

CTV Communications didn't specify whether they were just cancelling I Do, Redo or are cutting all ties with Mulroney.

Hudson's Bay

The Canadian department store wrote that "In light of recent events, Jessica Mulroney will no longer represent Hudson's Bay or Kleinfeld Canada as a fashion and bridal Specialist." They emphasized that their brand values "inclusivity, equality, and respect for all," adding, "We will not tolerate anything less."


The mom of three made guest appearances as a stylist on the Canadian talk show. Their brief statement says, "Cityline fans — we want to let you know that Jessica Mulroney will no longer be appearing as a guest expert on our show."

Good Morning America 

The American chat show didn't specify that they completely dropped Mulroney. However, they announced that she is "stepping away from her professional engagements and that includes Good Morning America." They added, "She will no longer appear on our show."

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