We all have that one celeb that has inspired us all through our lives. Whether it be in the fashion, lifestyle, or career aspect of life, we all had that idol we looked up to for inspiration. Celebrities are no strangers to having idols as well, just take a look at how much Seth Rogen idolizes Beyoncé. Ariana Grande also has someone she's looked up to since she was a kid and he happens to be Canadian. Jim Carrey made Ariana Grande's dream come true

If you've been following Ariana Grande since the beginning of her career, it's no surprise that she's absolutely obsessed with the Canadian comedian. She admitted that before she became famous she had an entire fan page dedicated to Jim Carrey! She also recently got a tattoo of one of her favorite Jim Carrey lines from The Truman Show, “In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night!”

This time she took her appreciation of the actor to Instagram where she wrote a whole tribute to Carrey. Grande recently was on set filming a small role for the upcoming season of Carrey's show Kidding. On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself hugging Carrey, who's smiling widely. 

In her caption she wrote:

"Nothing is crazier than getting to work with and spend time with someone whom you’ve idolized and adored since before you could speak. actually, what’s even crazier is discovering that person to be more special and warm and generous in person than you ever could’ve imagined."

She also mentioned how surreal the whole experience was saying that, "no words do this moment justice" and that she's "thankful for the most special experience" of her life. 

Grande's mom even chimed in on the situation with her comment on the photo: 

"I am so touched and moved by this experience, not only because you got the chance to work with one of your dearest idols, it is also because it turned out even more beautifully than I could have wished for my daughter... crying over this!! xo"

It's amazing even a small part of Canada could make this iconic artist so happy!