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Alrighty, Then! Jim Carrey Could Be Reprising His Role As Ace Ventura According To Reports

Fingers crossed for Courteney Cox!
Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura 3

It's been over twenty years since Jim Carrey moved to Hollywood and started on his path to international fame, and now it looks like he could be returning to those roots. His breakthrough movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective got him the comedic credit he needed to go on to do a sequel and movies like The Mask and Liar Liar. Now, more than two decades later Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura 3 release could become a reality. 

The rumours of a third installment to the comedy started from a cryptic tweet tweeted by Daniel Richtman who has a reputation for getting the inside scoop in the entertainment industry before everyone else. 

His tweet read, "Ace Ventura 3?!" with a gif from the original film of Carrey delivering his iconic "Alrighty then" line. 

If that isn't enough proof that the world could potentially be graced with a third movie, the production company, Morgan Creek, that produced the other two films tweeted almost an identical phrase. 

Followed by the eye emoji they tweeted, "#AceVentura3" with the link to an article reporting the possibility of another movie. 

The proof doesn't stop there. Coincidently, just last week, an anonymous source discussed Ace Ventura with We Got This Covered in an article. 

They reported that Jim Carrey has been expressing interest in reprising the role of Pet Detective. 

With Disney+ bringing back all the nostalgia by rebooting shows like Lizzie McGuire, The Proud Family, and High School Musical, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective could be the cherry on top of a throwback year. 

The only question left is if Courteney Cox will also be willing to reprise her role from the original film. 

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