Joanna and Chip Gaines love Waco, Texas. Over the years, they have provided tons of fun, activities, and new places to hang out. While their more notable gift to the city has been the Magnolia Market, they are now opening a new coffee shop in Waco's Magnolia, as Joanna Gaines reminded everyone on Instagram last night. 

The new coffee shop, Magnolia Press, doesn't have an official opening date as of yet. Things seem to be moving well underway, and Joanna took to Instagram to show off all the progress.  

During the sneak peek of the new shop, we got to see the brand new sign, booths, and a look at the menu. Joanna herself seemed to be enjoying a cup of joe while working inside the shop.

The menu is sectioned off by coffees, teas, seasonal, and pastries. Most of the items on the menu seem to be around $5 each. The coffee shop seems to have both indoor and outdoor spaces to hang out.

The shop seems to be mostly ready to start serving customers. Some lucky visitors have already gotten a chance to taste the delicious coffee and pastries from the shop. On the Magnolia Press official Instagram, a video was released saying the shop will open very soon. 

In the meantime, you can stop by their fall celebration at the Silos for music, food, shopping, and tons of Waco fun. You can also head back to Magnolia in December when the market will be open for two weekends instead of their usual one weekend.