While many companies across Ontario are temporarily shutting their doors, there are still some employers that are looking for an extra hand. Multiple locations across the province are still hiring, and some are even willing to pay extra for your help. So if you are currently looking for jobs in Ontario, it might be time to get your resume ready. 

Essential services such as grocery stores and pharmacies across the province are keeping their doors open, and they need some extra hands to keep things running smoothly. 

In fact, multiple businesses across Ontario even announced that they would be boosting their employee's pay during these times of uncertainty. So, if you're currently looking for a job, some of these may be worth checking out. 

Not only are workplaces across the province increasing pay, but they also are ensuring that the safety of their workers come first. 

Several companies have started to install protective shields around cash registers. Other measures being taken by businesses include limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at one time, large stickers have also been placed on the floor of some locations to help residents social distance properly.

So grab your resumes and start applying, because there are multiple job positions across Ontario that are currently open and willing to pay you more than just a normal salary.  

Machine Operators

Company: InkSmith

Why You Should Apply: If you're interested in working with machines and don't mind getting your hands dirty, this job will be perfect for you.

Not only will you be paid a living wage, but you will also get benefits and hot meals.

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Part-Time Clerk

Salary: $16 per hour

Company: Metro

Why You Should Apply: If you're looking for some part-time work, this would be the perfect position for you.

Metro announced last week that it would be increasing its employee's pay, giving an additional $2 per hour to workers in stores and distribution centres.

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Company: Walmart

Why You Should Apply: Walmart Canada is currently looking to hire 10,000 new workers across the nation. Not only will you be working for one of Canada's most popular chains, but they also offer you more than just a salary.

Walmart announced last year that they now offer tuition reimbursements for many of their employees that are currently in school.

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Decorator Cake 

Company: Sobeys

Why You Should Apply: If you like baking, this job should be a piece of cake.

Sobeys' new hero pay program offers their employee an additional $50 a week, plus an extra $2 an hour to members who work 20 hours a week.

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Store Associate 

Company: Dollarama

Why You Should Apply: Do you love shopping bargain prices? This could be the place for you.

According to CTV News, the bargain dealer commissioned a 10% pay increase for its store employees last week, so you'll be making good pay.

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Team Member 

Company: Domino's

Why You Should Apply: If you want to spend your days channelling your inner Italian, this could be the job for you.

Not only will you get to make pizza all day, but Domino's has also just announced a new sick pay policy, which will provide additional compensation to those who need to take time off work.

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Company: Shoppers Drug Mart

Why You Should Apply: According to CBC, this popular pharmacy company has announced that they will be paying their employees an extra 15% for the time being.

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