One of the more laughable parts of Tiger King was Joe Exotic's campaign to become Governor of Oklahoma, as well as his many other attempts at venturing into politics. For those who don't know, Exotic ran for President of the United States prior to running for Governor of Oklahoma while Tiger King was being filmed, and many close to Exotic commented that the cost to participate in both campaigns cost him much more than money. Now, merch that was handed out during his race for governor is being resold on eBay, and it's a unique sight to see. 

A quick "Joe Exotic" search on eBay will take you to loads of merchandise that has been made since the Netflix docu-series became a hit, but adding a few keywords into that search will lead you to what was handed out during his governor race.

Rolling papers, t-shirts, and campaign signs can be found after searching "Joe Exotic Governor Race" on the site, and it's exactly what we all saw in the docu-series.

These weren't all that were handed out from what we saw on the show, if you remember, Exotic also handed out condoms.

Hopefully, we don't see any of those pop up on the site anytime soon.

We're unsure of how much it cost for Exotic to produce all of this merch, though a few numbers were thrown around during many heated exchanges between Exotic and Jeff Lowe, his former business partner.

However much it cost, we're almost positive buying what's listed on eBay will not be getting you your money worth, but, if you're a true fan, any amount is doable.

Above, you can see rolling papers being sold for $46, with two bids already have been made on them.

There are other listings for his labeled rolling papers as well, listed for approximately the same amount.

Next up is one of his campaign signs, which, would make a nice wall decoration.

Right now it's going for $202.50 with eight bids. Wowza.

Finally, a t-shirt. For a whopping $68 it could be yours!

If none of these items pique your interest, or you just can't justify spending that much, there's plenty more Tiger King merch where that came from.