The internet most definitely broke when two gorgeous stars, GOT's Sophie Turner and pop superstar Joe Jonas announced their engagement just a few weeks ago. The two famously private celebs have spoken little about their relationship in the past, save for their grand engagement photos. 

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Hollywood was super thrilled for the couple, with congratulations streaming from Demi Lovato, Turner's GOT castmates, and of course - the Jonas Brothers. 

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Sophie and Joe celebrated their engagement this past weekend with some of Hollywood's finest at MAMO in New York City. They sat down for an intimate dinner with 30 of their closest friends and family, dining on truffle pizza and truffle ravioli, and toasting with champagne. 

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Who knew Sophie was close with lingerie model, Ashley Graham? Ashley made her way onto the exclusive guest list with her husband. 

📸| Ashley Graham & hubby Justin Ervin celebrating Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ engagement last night in NYC. 💕

November 5, 2017

Kevin snapped some sweet shots with his wife, Danielle. (Remember their E! show?? Good times, good times. 

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November 5, 2017

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Also, Ansel Elgort?? What? I love this development. Do Joe and Sophie double date with him and Violetta?? 

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All members of Joe's band, 'DNCE' were present. As well as each one of his brothers, including the bonus Jonas, Frankie!! 

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Look so cute, so civil!! 

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Congrats Sophie and Joe! And congrats, Joe Bros on this cute af reunion!