Joe Jonas' Biggest Fear Is Avril Lavigne & It's Because Of A Childhood Nightmare

Here's Avril!
Joe Jonas' Biggest Fear Is Avril Lavigne & It's Because Of A Childhood Nightmare

Here’s Avril! The Jonas Brothers recently made an appearance on the radio segment, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show where they revealed some interesting information about one another. According to Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas’ biggest fear is Avril Lavigne.

In a game called “Know Your Bro,” Duran separated the trio in order to test Kevin and Nick’s knowledge of Joe.

One question that came up was “What is Joe most afraid of?” Without much time to even think through his answer, Kevin blurted out “Avril Lavigne.” 

His reply got the entire room laughing. However, Nick didn’t believe his older brother, prompting an explanation. 

“He had a recurring nightmare that Avril Lavigne was going to come and kill him as a kid. Not even kidding,” the 32-year-old revealed. 

He then went on to recall a time where he used the fear against him, “We shared a room at this time in bunk beds. So above his bed when he woke up in the morning, I had a giant poster printed above his bed of Avril Lavigne staring down at him.”

Nick refused to believe him, writing down “He’s a hypochondriac” for his response. Shortly after, Joe was escorted back into the room and asked the same question.

He responded with, “Oh, Avril Lavigne” almost immediately to an exasperated Nick.  

The 30-year-old celeb admitted that his older brother had been telling the truth about his childhood fear but also made sure to put in a good word for Lavigne.

“We met years later and she was really nice. We toured with her. It’s all good.” According to Concert Archives, the trio performed multiple concerts with the Canadian singer back in 2008.

Since the brother’s comeback in the early months of 2019, the group has released a new album that includes their hit song “Sucker” and are currently on the tail end of their Happiness Begins world tour