Seeing any type of celebrity support Canada is pretty cool, especially when it's coming from a Jonas Brother. You're probably familiar with the bromance between the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber that has been going on for a few months. Now, Joe Jonas has taken his bromance with Justin Bieber to a whole new level. At the U.S. open, Joe Jonas wore a Justin Bieber shirt and the subtle support of the Canadian artist is actually everything. 

Joe and Nick Jonas attended the U.S. Open in New York yesterday and besides Bianca Andreescu making history for Canada by beating Serena Williams, there was a little more Canadian pride at the tournament than expected. 

Joe Jonas rocked a shirt of Justin Bieber wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt. If that sounds confusing to you, it's because it is. Back in July, Nick Jonas posted an Instagram paparazzi photo of Justin Bieber wearing a vintage Jonas Brothers shirt, and captioned it, "He gets it." 

Now, months later Joe is repaying the support and wearing a shirt with the picture of Justin Bieber wearing the Jonas Brothers shirt on it. If you're still confused just take a look at the photo below. 

This could've also been Joe's way of showing lowkey support for Andreecu and Canada but considering Justin Bieber's recent post opening up about his past mental illness and addiction, it's probably in support of him. 

It's no secret the Jonas Brothers love Canada since they've said so many times. If the number of seats they filled for all of their sold-out Canadian shows is any indication of the love they get here, I'd say it's a lot. 

Either way, it's good to see that Justin Bieber still has the Jonas Brothers' support all the way from New York.