Lilly Singh & John Cena Dedicated A Segment On "A Little Late" To Canada Last Night

Who knew Canadian headlines could be so funny?
John Cena & Lilly Singh Reading Canadian Headlines

For years and years, fans of Lilly Singh have been dedicated to her YouTube channel, eagerly watching her videos and supporting the Canadian celebrity. Now that she has her own late-night show though, fans have even more Lilly content, and she shows just as much love to her home country as we give her. John Cena and Lilly Singh reading Canadian headlines is the video you didn't know you needed.

On A Little Late last night, Singh began talking about her home country of Canada, and how news can be a little bit slow here from time to time.

"For entertainment Canadians say, ‘I wonder what crazy thing happened in America today?'”, Singh joked. "What would you expect from a country whose national pastime is eating ketchup chips?"

To prove her point, the comedian decided to read out some Canadian headlines, but first, she needed to find a hype man to make the stories seem a bit more exciting, and who better for the job than WWE wrestler John Cena?

Singh and the audience warmly welcomed Cena to the stage, and the Canadian headline reading began. "Real as hell stories for a real as hell country," added Cena, playing the hype man role perfectly.

Some of the headlines mentioned were, "In Ontario, a man called 911 to complain about tomatoes on his chicken sandwich," and "a few weeks ago a man flying on a Canadian airline was refused free water during the flight but was instead given a cup of ice".

While Singh definitely proved her point with some of these dull headlines, Cena sure did a great job of making them sound a lot more exciting.

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Later on in the episode, Singh also brought out Bindi Irwin, who brought along some adorable puppies for the host and Cena to play with.

Singh and Cena also talked about exactly why the pro-wrestler receives so much hate, and how he remains positive despite this. You can check out more clips from last night's episode below.

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