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John Kidder & Elizabeth May's Family Is Picture Perfect

The married couple never misses an opportunity to post the cutest pictures together.

"Love With a Side of Politics" would definitely be the title of Elizabeth May and John Kidder's rom-com. If the photos they post of each other are anything to go by it would definitely be an adorable movie. John Kidder and Elizabeth May's family photos show just how perfect they are together.

Working in politics can seem like a battle sometimes, so we can only imagine how nice it is to have someone always by your side like Kidder and May are for each other. 

Even though the two have known each other for years, their relationship was strictly platonic for a long time and their romance only started last year.

"I'm in love, I'm embarking on an entirely new life and things are just looking grand," Kidder told the CBC News after he proposed to May.

May and Kidder met five years ago through their roles in Canadian politics. Kidder was campaigning to get into office in the B.C. elections and May met him when she came out to help with the campaign. 

Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green Party of Canada and Kidder is no stranger to the party himself. He was one of the founders of the Green Party of B.C. and is running for the Greens in this federal election. 

The two got engaged in November 2018 and then got married on Earth Day earlier this year. Naturally, it was a totally green affair. 

The duo often share their love on social media, always posting about one another. 

Kidder's Facebook photos of the two are just too cute. 

He also posted a sweet photo of the two in response to someone tweeting about their engagement. Even though he was a couple of weeks late in replying, it was still adorable. 

May seems to love posting photos of her and her husband as well. For instance, photos of them travelling to the federal leaders' debate and taking part in Canada Day festivities.  

These two definitely need a conjoined Instagram account to share their love with Canadians. 

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