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John Krasinski Youtube Series Calls Out BC Man For His 'Good News' Talk Show

If you’re not a fan of Jim from The Office, you’re officially wrong. The star now has a show called Some Good News on YouTube and it's exactly what we all need right now. With the popularity of John Krasinski YouTube series, a B.C. radio host decided to do the same sort of thing and actually caught the attention of the massive T.V. and movie star. Krasinski was even annoyed at how well he did. 

With everything going on at the moment, we could all use some good news and that is exactly what John Krasinski's YouTube show Some Good News is all about. 

The show started on March 29, 2020, and it has been popping off ever since. 

Each episode is filled with heart-warming content to give you a sense of all the good things happening around the globe. 

A radio host with EX Rock in Kelowna, B.C. saw the series and thought that while Krasinski was obviously destroying the game, he needed a co-host. 

Stephen Keppler tweeted out his own version of the series calling it "Good News Okanagan." 

The beginning of the video starts with a perfectly drawn paint image of a sun and is paired with Keppler singing the intro all on his own. 

The excitable radio host notes several positive things including how the weather is warming up and how there is no more paid parking. 

Following every news break, Keppler says “so that’s good news.”

In typical B.C. fashion, Keppler turns the camera to the patio version of Keppler in order to thank healthcare workers. 

He also mentions other notable things that are happening in the community including people planting gardens and a photographer that is going around and taking pictures of people on their doorsteps dressed in their Sunday best. 

Keppler tweeted the segment out at Krasinski and sure enough, he saw. 

In a Some Good News episode posted on April 5, the star mentions Keppler and his segment at the one-minute mark.

"In Okanagan, Canada, @radiokeppler anointed himself as my SGN co-anchor without consulting a lawyer," said Krasinski. 

"And he did a frustratingly good job.”

The Okanagan radio host told CBC News that he was jumping for joy when he realized he was mentioned. 

Describing the experience as “surreal,” Keppler did not think he would get this amount of recognition. 

If things don’t work out with the radio station, Keppler might find himself a new gig with the celebrity. 

But this wasn’t the only wholesome thing to happen in the episode. During the segment, Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt surprised a young Hamilton fan with the entire broadway cast singing her favourite song since she could not attend her dream show in New York. 

Don’t worry, Krasinski is sending her and her family to the show once all of this blows over. 

And yes, you will cry the entire time. 

If anything, this is the perfect reminder to be kind and look at the positive things. Thanks, Jim Halpert. 

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