You know it's going to be a good week when one of your favorite shows is back on the air. It gets even better when a major celebrity makes an epic guest appearance. We have to warn you that there are spoilers ahead, but the surprise John Legend This Is Us cameo is giving us life. 

Not only did viewers get to see the long-awaited midseason premiere and catch up with the Pearson family, but they also got to see a John Legend(ary) cameo. Yes, we went there.

Warning: This article contains plot details from “Lights and Shadows,” the season 4 winter premiere of This Is Us.

So what went down last night? Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) is convinced he's found the love of his life in Lizzie (aka Sophia Bush). What better way to win a woman over than to take her on the romantic date of a lifetime?

After spilling the beans that her fave singer is "John Legend all the way," Kevin arranged a private concert for them at the freaking Hollywood Bowl.

We know the show films in Los Angeles, but the Hollywood Bowl is seriously some next-level stuff! 

Not only did John Legend wow us in his appearance, but he also sang his stunning new single, "Conversations in the Dark."

Unfortunately, Kevin planned all of this just to find out that Lizzie was actually married. *Jaw drops*

Before the episode aired, the singer's appearance was teased in a preview for the episode and, of course, fans flocked straight to the source — Chrissy Teigen.

The hilarious part was that she had no idea what was going on either. Or at least she played it off really well. When one fan asked her, "Please tell us more about John on this is us," she replied with the cheekiest response. 

Fans: Please clue us in...

Chrissy: "I had no idea until now and still don't get it? his song or himself?"

While we all know Chrissy is the queen of Twitter, the best part of John's cameo could quite possibly be the fan reactions. 

Could this epic first date really be why Lizzie gets pregnant? Time will tell.