Have you ever wanted your favorite celebrity to narrate a scene in your life? Well, we might have found the next best thing. Stars are taking to social media to share private concerts, chat with fans, and now, host a personal storytime session. If you'd like, you can listen to John Stamos reading you a Disney bedtime story tonight.

Disney just shared the most adorable video on their Twitter page.

The caption says, "There's magic behind each page. ✨ Enjoy "A Kiss Goodnight," by Disney Legends Floyd Norman and Richard Sherman, read by @JohnStamos.

A smiling John greets fans with a classic book, "A Kiss Goodnight" in his hands.

"Hi, I'm John Stamos and I hope you're all doing well out there at this time. I have self quarantined myself in my Dumbo," he joked, as the camera pans to him sitting inside a giant plastic elephant.

Soothing piano music starts as he flips through the pages. Is anyone else getting serious Full House vibes right now? 

The poem on the back reads like a nostalgic fairytale story and TBH, we're ready to embark on this magic journey.

It says, "To the land of imagination, there's a wondrous magical door. No one knows where the door is hidden, yet we've all been there before. For within every heart lies a secret that reveals the mystery, and the secret is this: just a gentle kiss is the key."

We don't want to give you too many spoilers, but TBH we're swooning just a little.

Disney and John Stamos are a dream come true.

John Stamos joins Frozen 2 star Josh Gad, Amy Adams, Betty White, and Jimmy Fallon on this storytelling journey.

Whether these efforts go towards charity or cheering fans up, we appreciate the way that they are sharing the love.