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Jollibee Reveals Plan To Open Over 100 New Restaurants Across Canada And We Literally Can’t Wait

The Filipino fast food company only has four Canadian location currently and will have two styles of restaurants available in 2023.
Jollibee Reveals Plan To Open Over 100 New Restaurants Across Canada And We Literally Can’t Wait

After Jollibee finally arrived in Canada, not only were Filipinos jumping for joy but so were Canadians. If you didn't already know, Jollibee has been dubbed the "McDonald's of the Philippines," and is known for their one of a kind take on Filipino classic dishes in a fast-food setting - and it's seriously delicious.

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When Jollibee opened up in Toronto this past April, people flooded the store for a chance to try Chicken Joy and Peach Mango Pie! Now it's more clear than ever that while Jollibee is here to stick around in Canada.

Not only did the company say that their Canadian stores were doing really well, they had previously laid out their plan to expand more into Canada in the next five years. By 2023, Jollibee is hoping to open up 100 new restaurants from west coast to east coast!

But that's not all that Jollibee has planned. The expansion of the Filipino grocery store "Seafood City" has also been confirmed in Canada after a great success in Mississauga, Ontario. Only now, they have promised that every location will also be home to a Jollibee restaurant. 

Yes, you read that right! That means that not only will there be Jollibee restaurants across the country, you can get a chocolate and marshmallow pie while you're doing your weekly groceries. Jollibee has finally answered all of Canada's prayers! 

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It's nice to see Canadians trying various types of fast food instead of going for the same thing all the time! Jollibee is comfort food, of course, but with a twist on the Filipino classics that take you back home. 

Whether you're looking for a sweet treat or a bucket of chicken to feed the whole family, you have to try Jollibee when it comes your way. With two locations in Winnipeg and two GTA locations, it's safe to say Canadians love Jollibee!

Source: Retail Insider 

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