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Jordyn Woods' Cheating Scandal Has Actually Lead To Her Receiving A Ton Of Business Deals

Jordyn Woods will be making appearances in Dubai and the Middle East.

As horrifying as it probably is to be involved in a scandal as a celebrity, I think it's important to remember the age-old saying - there's no such thing as bad publicity. Although that hasn't proven to be true in the case of Olivia Jade quite yet, for Jordyn Woods, life looks to be on the upturn. Jordyn Woods' cheating scandal has actually lead to her receiving a ton of business deals.

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After news of her night with Tristan Thompson dropped, Jordyn was totally silent on social media for several days, leaving all of us to wonder what the real story was. After her appearance on Red Table Talk, we got to hear her side of the story, although the Kardashian clan didn't seem to be too impressed with what she had to say.

Although she may not be in good with Khloe and crew anymore, that doesn't mean that Jordyn isn't thriving without them. She's gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and has been flooded with dozens of opportunities and business deals as a result.

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If you're familiar with Instagram influencer culture, you'll know that more followers = more money, and Jordyn is no exception. At the end of the month, she'll be flying to London with her momager, Elizabeth Woods to sign several deals. After the trip to London, Jordyn also has several appearances scheduled in Dubai and the Middle East.

As far as her relationship with Kylie goes, sources say that the two are in contact, and have even gone for breakfast, but are not as close as they were before the scandal. Jordyn has not moved back in with Kylie, but she does still have things at her place, so time will tell if the two are able to mend the broken bond.