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Jordyn Woods Completely Denies Her Cheating Scandal In Her Tell-All Interview

Jordyn Woods tells her side of the story on Red Table Talk.

Jordyn Woods is finally opening up about her cheating scandal and sets the record straight. During an interview with Red Table Talk where host and Jordyn's good family friend Jada Pinkett Smith asks her questions about the night the cheating supposedly went down, Jordyn Woods completely denies her cheating scandal in the tell-all interview

Now, if you're looking to come here to see that Jordyn blames the Kardashians for everything, you're not at the right place. On March 1st, Jordyn Woods appeared on Red Table Talk and gave her side of the story. Jordyn owns up to everything, however, completely denies every single rumor that went on about her. Which means, to me, that she's telling the truth. 

According to Jordyn, she was not blackout drunk, she didn't sleep with him, however, she does reveal that Tristan kissed her on the way out of his house the next morning. She slept over only because it was a 'safe space'. She does own up to the fact that she was there and over and over said she allowed herself to be in that position. 

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In the interview, she says that not once did her and Tristan make out, she did not know that there were no phones allowed, and she definitely did not give him a lap dance. She also said she doesn't blame him for the kiss, because she shouldn't have been there. However, when Tristan kissed her, she thought to herself, "that didn't happen". 

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Jordyn seemed very calm throughout it, and I think that's because Jada gave her a very safe place to talk. However, Jordyn does open up about why she thinks Tristan kissed her, and she thinks it's because she stayed the night. Which, again, she owns up to.