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Jordyn Woods Is Absolutely Terrified Of Kim Kardashian After Her Cheating Scandal For This Reason

Jordyn Woods is scared of this Kardashian family member after her cheating scandal.
Jordyn Woods Is Absolutely Terrified Of Kim Kardashian After Her Cheating Scandal For This Reason

Even though it's been almost two weeks since the cheating scandal of the year happened, Jordyn Woods is still not ready to live her normal life. She has yet to post on Instagram, the only way she's spoken out is through her Red Table Talk interview, and it's unclear what her relationship is with Kylie Jenner. However, one thing is clear. Jordyn Woods is absolutely terrified of Kim Kardashian after her cheating scandal for this reason

When we get in trouble or used to, we would be terrified of our parents when they found out. This is a completely different situation but to Jordyn, the Kardashian's were her family. Khloe even revealed that she thought of Jordyn as a little sister. However, one sister is never, ever reopening that door, and that would be Kim Kardashian. 

If you've ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then you would know that Kim is the leader of the family. What she says goes, and even though she's super nice most of the time, when she's mad... watch out. We all remember that scene with her and Kourtney from last season. Anyways, Jordyn is apparently terrified of Kim after this whole situation, even more so than Khloe. Why? Well, because Kim controls it all. 

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Jordyn's image was her own, but she was technically made famous from the Kardashian family. According to multiple sources, Jordyn is terrified of him because Kim can "break her in every way—professionally, socially and monetarily." I mean, wouldn't we all be terrified of someone like that?

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Kim, out of the whole family, is the most upset and angry about all of this. While Jordyn spoke her peace to Jada Pinkett Smith on Friday, apparently, the Kardashian's aren't buying it. I mean, Khloe completely put Jordyn on blast on Friday after her interview! Let's be real here, it's 1 against like 800 people in the Kardashian family. You would be scared of their 'leader' too.