We know - you're getting very tired of hearing the names Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson after the drama-filled week that the two have created. So much has transpired over the past few days since the scandal dropped, from almost the whole Kardashian family unfollowing Jordyn and Tristan to people hinting at a Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom reunion. One thing we haven't heard though is Jordyn's side. Well, Jordyn Woods just went live on Instagram and it looks like we're getting her side of the story.

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If you're glued to your phone the way I am, you may have noticed that Jordyn Woods just went live on Instagram. Although she had nothing to say, the brief clip showed her walking on what appears to be a set, and then eventually sitting down at a table where she proceeded to look into the camera. To be honest, I was expecting her to say something, but the video ended almost as quickly as it started.

From the quick peek we got at the set, it looks like Jordyn may be appearing on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk. Jordyn is known to be good friends with the Smith family and has been for years, so perhaps Jada is giving Jordyn a safe space to speak her mind and tell her side of the story.

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Over the past few days, Jordyn has changed her story endless times. First, it was rumoured that she hooked up with Tristan because she was jealous of Kylie's spotlight, and after that, she claimed to have been blackout drunk by the time she got to the party. Whatever the case may be, we can't wait to hear what Jordyn has to say.