Hold up. Jordyn Woods, who publicly cheated with Tristan Thompson tweeted about cutting people off a few days before? Interesting. When news broke on Tuesday about Jordyn Woods cheating with Tristan Thompson, Khloe's now ex-boyfriend, fans were shocked. They thought Jordyn would never do this to her second family, and her best friend ever, Kylie Jenner. Well, Jordyn Woods made a cryptic tweet about love just a few days before the cheating scandal, and it's messed up.

While Khloe's best friend Malika is over here commenting on posts saying, "These hoes ain't loyal", Jordyn is probably packing her bags as we speak. Last night she and Tristan turned off their Instagram comments, only to turn hers back on. I wonder why? 

In the tweet, which was made on the day that she allegedly cheated with Tristan, Jordyn tweeted, "I could love you and still cut you tf off." This tweet DEFINITELY doesn't age well. You can view it below: 

I could love you and still cut you tf off.

February 17, 2019

Jordyn, sweetie, why did you do this to yourself? If you're unfamiliar with the story or have not been keeping up with the Kardashians this time around, let me tell you. On Sunday night, Tristan and Jordyn were at a party together and apparently made out and were all over each other. She ended up staying the night at 7 am, and the whole world found out on Tuesday, along with the family. 

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While this could definitely just be another rumour, it's not. Sadly, Khloe confirmed it and it's true. While we don't know the fate of her relationship with Kylie now or the rest of the family, I'm thinking there is no relationship anymore.