A couple of months ago, the world went crazy over the rumours that Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's BFF, hooked up with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend. It's all we heard about for weeks, and it's all anyone ever talked about. Jordyn Woods opens up about her cheating scandal for the first time in months

The story is still so shocking to all of us who are true Kardashian fans. We've seen Jordyn grow up with Kylie, so this betrayal was unlike any other. While there were rumours about what happened, Jordyn cleared up all of those rumours on Red Table Talk. But she's opening up again, this time in a different way. 

Jordyn is currently in Nigeria for the Homecoming Festival and got a chance to talk on a panel. While she didn't name names, she did say that what she went through helped her when her sister was dealing with bullying. 

On the panel, she said, "My little sister was bullied in school and I wanted to show her that I was bullied by the world. I understood for the first time what it’s like being a black woman, in a just society, how we can be so disrespected and nobody can really understand to that extent until you have to live it." 

While the status of their friendship is still unknown, Jordyn and Kylie still follow each other on Instagram and Jordyn has even said she still loves her. In a video on TMZ, she says "I have love for everyone" when asked if she would rekindle her friendship with Kylie. At the end of the video, her mom says to the camera, "We love you, Kylie". 

If you're missing the drama, don't worry. This whole situation plays out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this season. Kylie apparently stopped filming during all of this, which is understandable. But you'll be able to see all of the drama between Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn. Buckle up!