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"Hunger Games" Star Josh Hutcherson Is Currently In Montreal Filming A Movie, Here's Where He Was Seen

We haven't heard much about Josh Hutcherson since his role as Peeta Mellark in Hunger Games. It seems like he's been trying his very best to stay out of the public eye but he was recently caught roaming around a certain city in Canada! Filming for the third season of the show he produces and stars in, Future Man, has begun production and this season their filming in Canada. Josh Hutcherson is in Montreal and was seen wandering the city! 

If it weren't for a picture that was taken by a fan in a Montreal restaurant, no one would have even known he was there!

It's said that this was his second time in the restaurant this week. 

It doesn't stop there! Hutcherson has been seen all over the city including this restaurant called Barocco Bar with his mom. 

If his mom came to visit him on-set, that probably means he's here for at least a couple of weeks.

If you're in Montreal this week, definitely keep your eyes out for J-Hutch as it seems like he's touring the city! He should have a couple of filming days left. 

The final season of Future Man will air on Hulu later this year for a last eight-episode run.

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